Monday, April 5, 2010

Shout out to our program-Shanghai Summer Intensive Program (SSIP)

Hi everyone, this time I'd like to introduce you to a fresh new project I have been working on with my fellow entrepreneurs recently- the Shanghai Summer Intensive Program(SSIP).
With the World Expo 2010 about to come this summer in Shanghai, we tailor-make this program for those who want to join the fabulous event.
For more, please visit our site, or feel free to contact me via my personal email steward.du[at]

About the program
Shanghai Summer Intensive Program (SSIP) was conceptualized and made a reality inspired by the upcoming 2010 Shanghai EXPO and the need from international students to understand China. The program began as an academic project 3 years ago, then became a campus club that as assisted international students in Shanghai to get better adaptable in the new environment.

The main organizers of the program are people from various backgrounds, including young entrepreneur Eric Hu (who founded a service firm for soon-to-graduate students during college), student leader Yangdong Zhang (who's the chairman of the student association in Tongji University) and Xiaodong Du (yup, this is me who has much experience in English education and also works in different instructive projects on topics about China:-P).

We're passionate about what we have been doing in promoting exchange for students around the world. We have proved it can work, and we've scaling up now. SSIP is still relatively small, but if it grows as rapidly as we hope, it could begin to do a whole lot of good. On this note, we wish all of our participants a fantastic and relaxing summer stay in China.

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