Sunday, October 5, 2008

By 阿杜.Steward

Well I know I know, the world doesn’t need another post for the Wall Street Crisis...

华尔街的金融危机被IMF形容为70年之最严重,并且七大洲中除了南极洲都受到影响。对于这个问题,两名的英国漫画家正在用画笔探索答案。这些四个漫画的主角名叫Alex,是一名投资银行家(同时Alex也是其中一位作者的名字)。为了为漫画攫取更多的素材,两名漫画家每天都利用午饭打电话给银行家,了解轶事,传言和丑闻浓缩成风趣的四格漫画,成为漫画主角Alex 的经历。



Scenario: In Mega-Bank Cost-cutting Off-site discussion

A: So, it’s agreed: The bank will need to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide…

B: Hold on… Has the bank really flown US senior directors here from all over the globe, just to reach this sort of arbitrary and callous decision…?

A: There’s a recession on, David.

B: I know, but what happened to the humane, caring, compassionate image that the bank was so keen to project just a year or so ago?

A: He’s got a point, guys. We’d better offsite the carbon emissions from our flights.

C: Nice idea…and we’ll make that 10,001 job cuts to pay for it…

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