Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shouting out another blog from a friend

Hey, folk. Just wanted to make a quick post about a recent event brought changes to blog isteward.

About exactly a week ago, I listened to a talk delivered by Jinbo(founder of Bebeyond). I was impressed by how he started his way to help heople find their purpose in life. (I will write a specific post about it later, so stay tuned)

After that, I started to follow BBY's blogsphere and that's how I discovered Away's blog and build friendship with him. The most exciting part of Away's blog is that he's offering advices for the pursuit of science from the view of A PH.D. So, I decided to write this quick post to encourage folks to check his site out -> LINK.

To my delight, Away is now joining the author pool of iSteward, which means he's about to come up with posts to sharing thoughts soon. I love seeing that he's implemented it successfully here :D

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