Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Working my a** off

By 阿杜.Steward

I'm still awake, trying to assemble a bunch of crap for this week's deadline. So, everyone, this will probably be the only post for this week.

While working harder than ever, keep in mind don't run in the same circles too much.Please do some revision,keep sending me emails and I'll be right back next week and carry more “聊聊咨询那些事” in return ;- )


5 Comentários:

Mr.aa said...

Think of the "DANCHE" from Eason Chan...

Good luck in your career!

阿杜.Steward said...

to Mraa.

陈奕迅 《单车》Live from 5分37秒

Eason 听翻呢首歌又要挂住佢老豆了

Anonymous said...

stay up all night as well...read all the "聊聊"series and“JLL West Point”series...all these help a lot...struggle to find a decent job in the broken labor market...

阿杜.Steward said...

to upper,
Add oil !

Anonymous said...

看着师哥们的工作感觉很有干劲!!!~~~~~~ 猜想师哥是个善于利用时间的人呵呵
期待"新聊聊"的出现 哈哈~~~

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