Monday, January 12, 2009

[Announcement]iSteward v2.0 coming up soon...

Dear readers,Thanks for visiting iSteward and being patient during my absence from here in the last few weeks.
(I've just finished all my final exams and now dealing with some wrap-up/handover job, but this won't take long) For the incoming winter vacation, I'm planning to launch a better version of iSteward with refreshed new look and more original stories both from me and my friends( I'll be grateful if you have any advice for the new version and drop me a comment). I sincerely wish this site would be useful for those who want to progress together and you have a great time doing so( Yes, this includes having fun J)

There, I said it. Learning & sharing should be fun - and here I am, trying to give some of the fun I have to you.


About me
My name is Steward, and I run this blog. I am a college student in Shanghai myself, striving to become a better prepared person - I don’t call dibs on knowing it all or knowing it better than you do. I just figured out that it's a good way to learn and live, when willing to pass something on to others - you!

Of course this is a two way street - I am looking forward to your Comment on posts, email me with questions, insights, feedback, etc.

This is a private project of my own, so everything published only represent the opinion of myself, have nothing to do with the school I studied or employer I work for. I wrote most of my posts at 3 am after work, so if you think I was bullsh**ting, you're probably right.

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