Friday, February 27, 2009

BACK From Winter Break

Hello, everyone. I AM BACK TO SHANGHAI, hope all of you doing well!

I had no idea that I would enjoying such a long winter break traveling, spending the entire days eating, relaxing, doing nothing past that. It feels great to put off the "business face" and stay around with family and friends. I like the time at school and getting involved with work, but it is wonderful to get back in my own element. Attending college 2000 Kms away from family when you're used to seeing them whenever you want is really difficult....So, everytime I went back home, I shopped/cooked and stayed with parents, tried to see as many people as possible, and committed myself to helping high school students with their incoming college lives. Finally, this time I also traveled to cities like Dong-guan, Shenzhen and those in Hainan province, took the chance to observed how people live and do business. I took notes all the way and will post for that later to put down my thoughts. Overall, it's so great to not to worry about getting up for classes :P

Well...OK, here I am :) now back to school. Although homesick and missing folks, plus the annoying rainy days in Shanghai are tough, I'm ready to for everything ahead for the Year of Bull ! I will be right back for some forecast of incoming content on isteward, so see you soon.

Over the past few days, I had been seriously stuck with some S* caused by my newly purchased cellphone(see my post on live space if you want to show some concern J), hope it will end soon (bless~)

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